Talking about the precautions and decoration problems of hotel decoration design

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Hotel decoration design is a major project that requires comprehensive planning and thinking. The success of the hotel's decorative design directly affects the hotel's reputation and customers. In order to avoid the misunderstanding of the hotel design company in the hotel decoration design, Yufeng Chuangzhan combines the practical experience and professional knowledge in recent years to remind you of some precautions about the hotel decoration design.

The hotel design company must have a very thoughtful pre-planning before the hotel decoration design. The pre-coordination is a blueprint for follow-up work. It involves more work and involves more parts. The preliminary planning of hotel decoration design includes hotel decoration design including functional layout and partition design, overall planning and design, architectural design, interior and exterior landscape and garden design, interior decoration design, electromechanical and piping system design, signage system (VIS) design, traffic organization Design, management and customer service process design. Once there is an omission in the early planning, it will bring troubles for rework in the later work, and a lot of waste in time, manpower, material resources and financial resources.

The hotel design company had a clear theme in the early stage of hotel decoration design. The clear theme positioning is the center of hotel decoration design, and it is also the aspect of performance. After the theme is determined, all the work can be organized around it, which improves the efficiency of the hotel decoration and can more fully express the decoration style of the hotel.

Hotel decoration must also have cultural connotations. Some hotels have been decorated with "copper smell" in all places. The hotel's decorative design is very utilitarian and designed for money. The hotel itself has no cultural connotation and cultural taste. The consumer experience is not high, and the impression is not high. profound. Such a hotel is bound to be forgotten by consumers like many hotels.

At present, the types and styles of domestic hotel decoration design are very diverse. Good hotel decoration can bring customers an elegant consumption environment and comfortable consumption experience, so it is more and more valued by hotel merchants. However, some hotel decoration designs are not stipulated, and there are problems in large or small, which deserves our reflection.

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