What problems will occur with the stainless steel 8K mirror panel?

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First, why does the stainless steel mirror panel appear to be worn? The grinding head flower actually refers to some circular arc marks seen on the stainless steel mirror panel. These traces are mainly caused by the grinding head of the machine. If the requirements are high, it is necessary to grind 12K, even higher requirements. Of course, these prices will certainly be even higher, and there is a certain reason for the price.

Second, why does the stainless steel mirror panel appear a little bit? In fact, this refers to trachoma, trachoma is the white point that appears, just like the spots on the human face, this is itself a material problem of the material itself. The coils from the current steel mills, with more or less trachoma between the batch and the batch, are inevitable.

Third, stainless steel mirror panels are prone to peeling lines. The peeling line, which is the gray black line appearing on the board surface, is due to the small defects in the machine during the manufacturing process, which leads to the peeling line of the board.

From the above three, we can see that there are some defects in the current stainless steel mirror panels. I hope that customers can still understand how to make some high-demand stainless steel mirror panels to make the color stainless steel panels better promoted because of the mirror panels. The color of the plate and the polished mirror plate are a very important factor.

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