Various types of stainless steel calculation formula

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Thickness Χ Χ Χ 7.93Such as 2.0Χ1.22Χ2.44Χ7.93=47.2kg/sheetstainless steel pipe (outer diameter - wall thickness) Χ wall thickness Χ 491 491 ΧSuch as (57-3.5) Χ 3.5 Χ 0.02491 = 4.66kg / mStainless steel round steelDiameter Χ diameter Χ 0.00623Such as 18Χ18Χ0.00623=2.02kg/mStainless steel angleThe length of the side is 7.8Χ0.000198Such as 40Χ40Χ7.8Χ0.000198=2.47kg/m(side width + side width - side thickness) Χ edge thick Χ 0.00793Such as (40+40-3)Χ3Χ0.00793=1.83Kg/mStainless steel flat steelThickness Χ Χ 0.00793Such as 8Χ80Χ0.00793=5.08kg/mStainless steel square tube(edge width Χ 4 ÷ 3.14 - thickness) Χ thickness Χ 0.02491Such as (40Χ4÷3.14-3)Χ3Χ0.02491=3.58Kg/mHexagonal steelOn the side to the side Χ 0.00686Square steelSide width is wider than 0.00793Round tube specifications: Φ12- 830mm × 1 - 60mm (outer diameter × wall thickness)

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